You Are My Pannonica / To Nica, With Love
- Dedicated to Pannonica (Rothschild) de Koenigswarter -
- From the book: 'Romantic Love Letters & Poems for Lovers' by Julius Williams -

Romantic Love Letters and Poems for Lovers: To Julie and Juliette, With Love, by Julius Williams You Are My Pannonica
All Rights Reserved (c) 2012 Julius Williams & JoDArc™

You love my music,
You say it’s got magic.
You believe in me,
And Genius is all you see.

If I come from Africa,
You are my Pannonica;
And if I live in America,
You are my Pannonica.

Wherever I go,
Playing the Piano,
From North to South America,
You are my Pannonica.

You listen to my song
All day long;
You hear nothing wrong,
But only know that with me you belong.
So you accompany me all over,
Support me forever,
And inspire me even more,
Making things better, forevermore.

You are my Pannonica,
My Blessed, Immortal Nica.
Your Soul knows nothing but beauty,
And you’ll be remembered for your purity.

Surely, you are a Saint,
Saint Pannonica,
Full of pure love that never grows faint;
The kind of love only shown by Pannonica.

From here to Jamaica,
You are my Pannonica.
From here to infinity,
You are my Pannonica, for all eternity!
You Are My Pannonica - To Nica, With Love, by Julius Williams

All songs written & composed by Julius Williams, Performed by Johanka and
Published by BMI.

1. You Are My Pannonica
2. To Nica, With Love
3. Saint Pannonica
4. Immortal Nica
5. Ambassador of Love

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